robert graham at coastal outfitters

Robert Graham at Coastal Outfitters is Available Now

July 31, 2018

Have you ever wondered the story behind a brand? We would like to share a little bit of history behind our wildly popular (and colorful) brand: Robert Graham at Coastal Outfitters
In 2001 a man by the name of Robert Stock founded a company that would embrace premium luxury intertwined with eclectic colors and patterns. Another fellow by the name of Graham was a textile designer. Both men were excited to offer and collaborate on a line of mens clothing that was far from the normal. Robert Stock was even quoted saying the market for menswear was “boring.”robert graham at coastal outfitters

Robert and Graham wanted to offer something that men didn’t have the option to purchase. Stock’s wife is an artist and colorist. She and another designer have a love for bold, bright colors. No dusty or murky colors are offered in this line!
Over the years the line has evolved but really never changed. Its premium fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, one of a kind trims, and collectible line remains. His collection offers accessories, shorts, jeans, pants, jackets, polos, and wovens.
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